1. Fish tacos #pinterestmademeachef

  2. you’re just too good to be true, Can’t take my eyes off of you.

  3. Madden glasses for the rays game #datenight

  4. 6am run


  5. thursday thoughts from a long time ago and today

    - café con leche and bread with butter…yum. today’s edit: I upgraded my bread and butter to bread and butter with ham croquetas…bombdotcomb

    - I hate the gym, but love being active.  today’s edit: I haven’t been in forever, but I’ve been trying to keep up with home workouts

    - I want to go back to crossfit. today’s edit: this has not changed. I felt my best when I was crossfitting.

    - Adriano had an art show at school yesterday, and a little musical performance…I died, proudest mom in the world.  today’s update: I realize how long I’ve had this in my drafts.sheesh I really need to get back on the ball…maybe.

    - I was very proud of myself I didn’t cry, but I walked around with a knot so large it made my throat hurt when I got to the car.  today’s edit: I’m huge cry baby especially with my kids, still proud of myself for keeping it together.

    - he’s reading chapter books!..the book fair loves me…and I love the book fair.  today’s edit: can’t wait for the book fair, now I get to shop for Adriano and Marcelo :)

    -mornings are surprisingly easier now that I have to drop off two kids before I go to work…and everyone is on time

    -we went to Jersey and New York this summer still haven’t posted any pictures of our trip.

    -I’m on vacay the next two weeks; today is the last day I have to be in the office and I’ve already checked out for the afternoon

    -I got paid for three weeks today…life is good and bills are getting paid :D

    -I shazaam almost everything I hear,and then I buy said music this could be a problem.

    -yes I buy music no illegal downloading here or whatever the fad is now

    -my phone is so ready for an upgrade (I don’t have a back button)…fingers crossed the iphone6 really does come out in September.

    -fall is suppose to be starting soon…hopefully florida will be on board as far as weather goes

    -it’s too hot still can we have some cool breeze mother nature?

    ok I’m done. I forgot I started one of these earlier this year while Adriano was in 1st grade, but at least I finished it right.

    so what if it’s random things, it’s called Thursday thoughts for a reason. I’m random thinker I guess.


  6. Just my two year old daycare goer and my seven-year-old second grader… no big deal. 😍

  7. 12 mile race we are coming for ya. We’re cute with our matching shoes. #tampasunisnojoke #ishouldvegonetanning #whydidisignupforthisrace #tomatofaceisthenewblack


  8. growinguplast:

    But it is my mama’s banana pudding. Sorry, I believe this (or something like it) was the title of the recipe she found that eventually became her legendary dessert. In fact, someone mentioned it at her funeral as the thing he would miss (no kidding). After the funeral, my grandma told me to pick…

  9. 2014 regional convention.

  10. 😊😊😊 (at New York Aquarium)