1. "I hope you look for me in everyone you meet."
    — Because I Look For You (#206: February 27, 2014)

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    Our Editorial Director Caitlin leaves today for her European Cruise Honeymoon and she’s sharing her Stylish Travel Outfit Inspiration For A Cruise!


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  4. My boys 😍😍😍

  5. Fish tacos #pinterestmademeachef

  6. you’re just too good to be true, Can’t take my eyes off of you.

  7. Madden glasses for the rays game #datenight

  8. 6am run


  9. thursday thoughts from a long time ago and today

    - cafΓ© con leche and bread with butter…yum. today’s edit: I upgraded my bread and butter to bread and butter with ham croquetas…bombdotcomb

    - I hate the gym, but love being active.Β  today’s edit: I haven’t been in forever, but I’ve been trying to keep up with home workouts

    - I want to go back to crossfit. today’s edit: this has not changed. I felt my best when I was crossfitting.

    - Adriano had an art show at school yesterday, and a little musical performance…I died, proudest mom in the world.Β  today’s update: I realize how long I’ve had this in my drafts.sheesh I really need to get back on the ball…maybe.

    - I was very proud of myself I didn’t cry, but I walked around with a knot so large it made my throat hurt when I got to the car.Β  today’s edit: I’m huge cry baby especially with my kids, still proud of myself for keeping it together.

    - he’s reading chapter books!..the book fair loves me…and I love the book fair.Β  today’s edit: can’t wait for the book fair, now I get to shop for Adriano and Marcelo :)

    -mornings are surprisingly easier now that I have to drop off two kids before I go to work…and everyone is on time

    -we went to Jersey and New York this summer still haven’t posted any pictures of our trip.

    -I’m on vacay the next two weeks; today is the last day I have to be in the office and I’ve already checked out for the afternoon

    -I got paid for three weeks today…life is good and bills are getting paid :D

    -I shazaam almost everything I hear,and then I buy said music this could be a problem.

    -yes I buy music no illegal downloading here or whatever the fad is now

    -my phone is so ready for an upgrade (I don’t have a back button)…fingers crossed the iphone6 really does come out in September.

    -fall is suppose to be starting soon…hopefully florida will be on board as far as weather goes

    -it’s too hot still can we have some cool breeze mother nature?

    ok I’m done. I forgot I started one of these earlier this year while Adriano was in 1st grade, but at least I finished it right.

    so what if it’s random things, it’s called Thursday thoughts for a reason. I’m random thinker I guess.


  10. Just my two year old daycare goer and my seven-year-old second grader… no big deal. 😍